Version History

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January 10


November 26

  • Add price_ladders_cash_{currency_pair_code}

October 19

  • Add GET /balance_history

  • Add WS user_#{user_id}_balance_history

September 7

  • Add GET /login

  • Add GET /user/fee_tier

  • Add WS user_account_{currency}

  • Add WS user

August 17

August 14

Orders with live status can now be filtered by side

August 12

Updated description for market_with_range in POST /orders

August 6

Updated PUT /orders error 404.

August 4

  • Updated description of client order ID for POST /orders.

  • Add GET /orders/client:{client_order_id}.

  • Add PUT /orders/client:{client_order_id}.

  • Add PUT /orders/clien:{client_order_id}/update_tpsl.

  • Add PUT /orders/client:{client_order_id}/cancel.

July 29 - New PUT cancel all open orders

On bulk cancel of all open orders.

July 27 - Update to Isolated Margin Response

On returns an error response if exceed the maximum liquidation price after updating stop loss.

July 15 - Network Withdrawal Fee

On added withdrawal fee based on the chosen withdrawal network i.e. different withdrawal fees for ERC20 vs TRC20.

July 1 - Published

This API document was published.

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