Liquid API
Version History
Release of new API documentation format or more information. History of Change Log to detail the maturity of our product.

2021 October 19

    Add GET /balance_history
    Add WS user_#{user_id}_balance_history

2021 September 7

    Add GET /login
    Add GET /user/fee_tier
    Add WS user_account_{currency}
    Add WS user

2021 August 17

    Add GET /crypto_withdrawals/crypto_networks?currency={currency}
    Update POST /crypto_withdrawals with network field

2021 August 14

2021 August 12

    Updated description or market_with_range in POST /orders

2021 August 6

    Updated PUT /orders error 404.

2021 August 4

    Updated description of client order ID for POST /orders.
    Add GET /orders/client:{client_order_id}.
    Add PUT /orders/client:{client_order_id}.
    Add PUT /orders/client:{client_order_id}/update_tpsl.
    Add PUT /orders/client:{client_order_id}/cancel.

2021 July 29

New PUT cancel all open orders

2021 July 27

Update to Isolated Margin Response

2021 July 15

Network Withdrawal Fee

2021 July 01


    This API document was published.
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